Case studies

Blake & Blake – Finance Directors analysed the financial performance of a multi-product business that was making good profits.  The analysis revealed that one product was making very large profits and was effectively subsidising the other product that was loss making.  Until this analysis was carried out, management of the business believed that all products were performing well.  Blake & Blake – Finance Directors were then able to work with the management of the business to improve the performance of the loss making section resulting in increased profits.

Whilst working with a chain of bar restaurants, Blake & Blake – Finance Directors analysed the gross margin produced by the different houses in the chain as the margins were much lower than budget and industry norms.  Through the introduction and application of stock auditors and an analysis of actual ingredients used against standard, the reasons for the under-performance was identified.  Blake & Blake – Finance Directors then worked with management to improve the operational processes in these areas resulting in increased profits for the business.

Working with a manufacturing business Blake & Blake – Finance Directors reviewed outstanding sales orders.  This revealed that, for several jobs, the manufacturing processes had been completed and the equipment had been shipped to the client but the sale had not been recorded.  Blake & Blake – Finance Directors worked with the business’ Finance team to raise invoices for these orders which resulted in increased profits for the business.  Blake & Blake – Finance Directors then developed a new process to prevent this issue recurring.

Blake & Blake – Finance Directors recently helped a multi-site business to raise finance to acquire further operating units.  Blake & Blake – Finance Directors translated the operational drivers of the prospective sites into a financial forecast.  Using its contacts Blake & Blake – Finance Directors identified prospective lenders.  Following meetings between the multi-site business and prospective lenders Blake & Blake – Finance Directors refined the financial information required by the lenders and negotiated a finance package that enabled the multi-site business to complete the acquistions and integrate the new sites into their existing portfolio to add to the group’s profitability and cash balances.