Financial planning and budgeting

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There are two key aspects to a successful financial plan: the first is do management understand the business well enough to identify and model the key revenue, profit and cost drivers?; the second is, does the model have sufficient sophistication to allow the modelling of each of the drivers and the effect they have on the business, and then produce a set of relevant measurable key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Blake & Blake harnesses both its commercial experience and extensive financial modelling expertise to help our clients produce the right solution.  All of our Finance Directors are experienced finance professionals who understand business and finance and have a good modelling skills. We use all of this knowledge and experience to construct models that reflect how management run the business and to explain it to others such as banks and investors.

Our models are complete and accessible.  We will produce an integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow that is easily navigated. We will also identify the key variable assumptions in such a way that you can adjust them and see the effect immediately enabling management to model ‘what if’ scenarios.  Once the model is built we will ensure that it becomes embedded within the management processes of the business.

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